Uganda Update with Brothers Fred and Moses Kiyingi

• September 18th, 2021

Brother Fred Kiyingi has been at the center of the awakening in Uganda from the beginning in 2017.  He joins us for a conversation on the current state of revival, the state of the churches and pastors, and shares some outstanding supernatural testimonies. Fred's son Moses also joins us on this podcast for the first time. 

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Free Message Software for MS Windows: Brother Andrew Schuler Explains

• September 11th, 2021

Open Message View 1.0 for Windows brings powerful Message search capabilities to many languages. In this interview, developer Brother Andrew Schuler explains how you can get this software, what it can do for Believers, and what capabilities are planned for the future.



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Ethiopia: Interview with Moges Engida

• September 4th, 2021

Brother Moges Engida was one of the very first Ethiopian converts that came out of the trip that Brother Busobozi took there in 2013 at the request of Bibles Believers.  Now he is pastor of the church that has arisen in the capital city of Addis Ababa.  The core group of Believers that has risen up there has made much progress in a short time.  In this interview, Brother Moges talks about the church,  translation, and outreach throughout the country with ongoing success.

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Major Progress in Malawi: Interview with Brother Precious Makatanje

• August 28th, 2021

Message books have long been in short supply in the African Country of Malawi, but that is quickly changing.  This week a huge shipment of books has arrived, printed by Vision Books. Spontaneous rejoicing broke out when the truck arrived.  Brother Precious Makatanje reports on the situation in this interview conducted by Brother Tim Dodd. 

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Word Spreading in Ethiopia: Brother Talemwa Busobozi’s First-hand Report

• August 18th, 2021

Ethiopia is unique in many ways. Even the way the Lord is dealing with that ancient country is unique.  In this episode Brother Talemwa Busobozi shares some highlights from his recent outreach trip, how the Word of the Hour is breaking forth in sovereign ways and expanding into new areas.  After years of labour in Hawassa, now in one single campaign 16 Baptisms followed. A brand new church is raising up in the city of Hawassa.

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Missions in the Philippines: The Ernie Villanueva Story

• August 7th, 2021

Brother Ernie Villanueva lived a remarkable public life, but he had private side, and many things he kept secret.  In this episode, we talk to people who saw another a side of Ernie.  His extraordinary efforts on the Mission field in the Philippines was witnessed by Brothers Vernon Manahan, Ron Millevo, and many others. Sister Ruth Frederick served as his secretary for 15 years.  These guests share stories never before told about our dear departed Brother, and his life in service to Jesus Christ.

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Challenges in China: With Brother Murphy Wong

• July 28th, 2021

In this episode Brother Murphy Wong brings us up to date about the current situation in China, and how the Believers there are continuing with outreach in spite of every obstacle.

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Spring Report Part 2: Uganda

• July 17th, 2021

In this episode Brother Tim Dodd and Brother Stephen IBale discuss the current state of the revival in Uganda. In spite of many obstacles, the revival surges on. 

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Spring Report Part 1: Malawi and Rwanda

• July 10th, 2021

Twice a year our printed missions magazine comes out, which we call the Believers Faith Challenge Report.  In this episode, Bible Believers Missions Director Tim Dodd joins us to discuss some of the feature stories in the Spring Issue.  In this episode we discuss the progress in two African Countries, Malawi and Rwanda, both of which are enjoying the fruits of recent efforts to equip them with Messages in print, and online. 

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A True Witness: The Testimony of Ed Byskal, Part 8

• July 2nd, 2021

Brother Ed Byskal relates how his ministry expanded to include Native Americans living on the West Coast, and how the supernatural events that happened in the William Branham meetings reached even there, and continued to have an effect many years later.   This series of testimonies is also available on video at www.

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